Lonestar is back and their fans are excited. The original members are back and the voice that propelled this Super group to the top of the country charts on multiple occasions, Richie McDonald is sounding as good as ever.Their fans in the Albany will get to sing along Lonestar on all those hits when they come town for a reunion concert on Tuesday evening November 13th at Upstate Concert Hall (formerly Northern Lights) in Clifton Park on Route 146. I can't wait to hear the memories like "On My Front Porch Looking In", "Amazed", 'I'm Already Here", "Mr. Mom" and more including their brand new hit song "The Countdown" that we're playing for you on 'GNA.

Tickets are just $15 now and are selling fast. Get yours at the Upstate Concert Hall box office, The Northern Lights Smoke Shop on fuller Road, and Ticketmaster location or phone charge at 371-0012. Don't forget that we'll be back for a concert then next night on November 14th with Jerrod Niemann! Tickets for that show are on sale now as well at the locations and number listed above.

Let's get ready for the Lonestar Reunion Concert with 1077 'GNA and give their new hit song "The Countdown" a listen here.

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