I was "Amazed" when I hear the news that Lonestar is back! This band was a force to reckoned with in country music for years and their music has stood the test of time. When Lonestar broke up it was kind of bizarre but "the voice" of the band Richie McDonald went out on a solo career and couldn't hit his stride as a solo artist. The band Lonestar stayed in action over these past years as well and tried to work it our with a new lead singer named Cody Carlson, and had trouble gaining traction as well.

Those diehard fans and us in the country music industry just knew that Lonestar wasn't Lonestar without the lead vocals of Richie McDonald, and that Richie McDonald was so branded with Lonestar that only true way to make it work was to get the original band back together.

I am happy to report that it has happened, and they have hit the ground running with a great new song. It is titled "The Countdown", give it a listen here and let us know what you think. Lonestar being back together with Richie McDonald is a great thing for country music and we're stoked for the here at 1077 'GNA.