LoCash are right back on track with an pop-rock, country anthem called "Don't Get Better Than That." After diversifying some to finish 2017, the duo are again keeping the most important thing in mind.

That is to say they're releasing a song that's sure to be a smash on stage long before it's a hit on the radio. Borrowing a page from the Billy Currington handbook of choruses, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust drive a heart-racing beat through a spellbinding tunnel of "oohs" and "ohhs," take a quick sip of air and jump right back in. It's an electrifying arrangement that demands you jump up and down with them at some point this summer.

"Don't Get Better Than That" lists some of the finer things in life, not unlike "I Love This Life" in 2015 and 2016. The two songs are comparable, with both likely to sell as many concert tickets as albums. More advanced production, some seasoning and the confidence of a handful of hits makes the new song the better song, however.

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LoCash's "Don't Get Better Than That" Lyrics:

Ever caught a buzz floating down the river / Ever looked in her eyes and seen forever / Ever smelled the air right after the rain / Ever gone back home just for mama's cooking / Ever hit that shot when everybody's looking / Ever felt that rush from a leap of faith / It don't get better than ...

Rolling with a full tank, wasting gas / Sippin on a sunset crushing cans / Little Nitty Gritty turned up full blast / Yeah it don't get better than that / Raise a lot of hell on a Friday night / Holding on your honey under neon lights / Knowing where you've been, loving where you're at / Yeah it don't get better than that.

Ever heard the words I love you daddy / Felt the waves touch your toes off the coast of Cali / Lost count counting stars cause there's just so many in the sky / Don't they look good tonight. 

Ever found the truth on a Sunday morning / Ever go all-in when you're free falling / Felt like you're right where you're meant to be / Like you and me.

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