Remember this guy? This man is accused of breaking into houses over the summer and watching people while they were sleeping. Closing arguments were heard Monday and jurors are now deliberating and more than likely won't rest until they find a verdict.

According to News Channel 13, Hajratalli turned down a plea offer that would have sent him to prison for seven years. If he's convicted of the top counts, he could be looking at 30 years in state prison. His attorney's have maintained his innocence while prosecutors feel they have no doubt that Hajratalli is the snoozer loser.

sleeper creeper

Back in August police said he broke into a Caroline Street home at about 1:30 a.m. and watched its female resident sleep. Hajratalli allegedly ran out of the home after the woman  woke up and yelled at him, police said. This wide eyed weirdo has been caught a few times, and both times he's been released after he posted cash bail according to an article by the Daily Gazette.

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