Did anyone else notice this story out of Queensbury from News 10 ABC and the Queensbury Post-Star?  First of all, it's bad enough that Nicole King has been accused drinking and driving with her 4 year old in the car.  To make matters worse, she smiled for her mugshot. What's so funny?  You put an innocent child in danger.  The mugshot was taken moments after this mom was pulled over for drinking and driving with her kid in the car.  The "smug-shot" seen here makes my skin crawl.  She's either still drunk or doesn't quite understand the magnitude of her actions, or both.

Mugshot of Drunk Mom Smiling

Nicole P. King, 30, of Ridge Road, was charged after Washington County sheriff's officers stopped her for traffic violations with her 4 year old child in the car. Police determined that she was intoxicated and had a blood alcohol content of 0.12 percent.  Child protective services in Washington and Warren counties were notified.

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