The Crossings in Colonie is a popular, peaceful place for families to spend the day relaxing while gathering with friends and family.  Many people walk their dogs, play on the swings, go on mini-hikes and get exercise at the spacious town park.  I take my son Brody there quite a bit, he even had his very first birthday party there.  A local man claims that he and his family were the target of a hate crime on Monday and if in fact it's true, it's ugly and downright disturbing.

According to the Times Union, Rashad Mohamed Benantar explained in his Facebook post that the incident occurred on Monday at the Crossings while he was there with his infant son and his nephews. That's when a white male, claiming to be a cop, started hurling racial slurs his way.  Believed to be targeted for being Muslim, Benantar claims on his post that "After (he) confronted him (the man) said word for word, "You came here to die, you're going to die today."

The Times Union is reporting that Colonie police are investigating the claim.

Here's the entire Facebook post and picture of the man (and his vehicle) who allegedly made the threats

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