Schools typically warn their students ahead of time that senior pranks could result in various forms of punishment, and over the years, they seem to have dwindled a bit.  After a clever senior prank by a group of seniors at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin went viral last month showing the dangers of drinking and driving, it's nice to know that some Berne-Knox-Westerlo senior students followed suit.  But they had their own unique idea, and decided to help out a classmate in need.

According to a story shared by Newschannel 13, The students' 'prank' was not really much of a prank at all.  They had a cookout on school property today and sold hamburgers and hot dogs to raise money for a classmate with cancer.  The students raised more than $1,600 on Thursday alone for Amy Weidman, a student at the school diagnosed with cancer.  Donations raised from the fundraiser will help her with medical costs and most certainly lift her spirits.

Well done, seniors!


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