Wow.  What a blind audition on NBC's The Voice Monday night!  All four judges turned around as 16 year old Moriah Formica from Latham wailed away on her guitar singing "Crazy For You" by Heart.  The big question is, who did she choose to be her coach?

Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine all made a case for the teen rocker from Latham who attends Shaker High School.  In the end while all the judges made their plea, the talented Formica chose Miley Cyrus to be her coach.  Formica, who appears to a serious contender on this season of the Voice, chose Cyrus for many reasons, but made it a point to recognize that Cyrus herself was a child star. That connection was a key determining factor.

Moriah Formica's run is just beginning on a show that has already crowned a local winner a few years back when it was Sawyer Fredericks from Fultonville who took down season 8 of The Voice in 2015.

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