Let me tell you something cheerleading is legit and a whole lot of hard work, and sometimes hard work pays off in a big way. That is a lesson we can take from the Lady Lions who practice out of Cheer Intensity All-Star in Green Island. These kids are heading to Disney World for the World Championships for All Star Cheerleading. The amazing and best part of it is that they earned a "Full Paid Bid" according to News10 ABC, to the tune of $25,000 for travel expenses. Listen when you get an invite AND your expenses paid to get there, you know you are good, and these kids are very good.

How do I know how good they are and how hard they work? Well my cousin's daughter is on the team and let me tell you I have followed her hard work for quite some time as her Mom posts pictures from events all around the country and videos of her daughter practicing runs of back flips that honestly amaze me.

In fact her daughter Jessica Vooris is the girl you see doing flips in the very beginning of this video from News10 ABC. SO yeah, I could not be more proud of Jess and the entire team.