While most 9 year olds are playing video games with their friends or watching viral videos on their phones, a 9 year old from Saratoga Springs is gearing up for a different type of game, hoping to become a viral sensation of his own.

Oliver Huss has a chance to compete on American Ninja Warrior Junior, and according to a story from the Daily Gazette, he's been training hard at the Saratoga Ninja Garage, a place his family owns.

The report from the Gazette chronicles how young Oliver submitted videos of himself completing various athletic feats, an he was able to impress the producers of the show by showcasing his abilities in national ninja competitions.

American Ninja Warrior Junior will premier on Saturday night at 7pm on Universal Kids, but according to information we obtained, he won't be featured on the show for 'a few weeks'.

We're rooting you on Oliver and can't wait to announce to GNA Nation when you'll be making your big TV appearance.

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