If you love shopping at the LL Bean at the Colonie or online, the lifetime return policy is coming to an end.

I gotta say, I am not surprised this policy lasted as long as it did. If you are unfamiliar, until now, you could return anything at anytime from LL Bean if you deemed it defective or didn't wear well no matter how old the item was. They would give you a new item no questions asked! As you can imagine, many customers abused this. So this news is no surprise.

According to NYUP, LL Bean has adjusted their return policy to only include items purchased with the last 12 months, and dissatisfied customers must have a receipt. If an item over a year old is deemed to be defective, Bean's will come up with a fair compromise.

After living in Maine and shopping at the flagship store for many years, you won't believe some of things I witnessed returned to LL Bean because they were 'defective' or didn't 'wear well:' boots that were 20 years old, shirts that were terribly out of style (And obviously old) and so much more. According to NYUP, customers were evening buying old items at yard sales and then returning them!

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