One of the most talked about movies of the spring is coming out this weekend, Robin Williams' last movie is finally released in the United States & actors are apparently dominating the Tony Awards this year. Lights Camera Jackson has all of that in his report this week.

It's hard to look at any morning talk show or late night show without seeing Chris Pratt or one of the other actors from Guardians of the Galaxy promoting the upcoming movie. Well, it finally comes out this weekend. Guardians of the Galaxy goes off of where the last movie ended, with the Star Lord (Pratt) and crew protecting the galaxy from villains. Jackson hasn't seen the movie yet since he's taking the last finals of his Freshman year of college but he will be seeing it later so you can find the review of the movie on his website later tonight.

Directed by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, Robin Williams' last movie "Absolutely Anything" will finally be released in the United States in select theaters. Williams will be playing the main character's dog, Dennis.

The Tony Awards are usually all about Broadway and the stars they created but this year's ceremony is a little different, it's bombarded by actors. To see which actors are up for awards this year and how to get more from Lights Camera Jackson, listen to his segment below as well as every Friday at 7:15AM.

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