It’s amazing the tricks you can learn on the internet to improve your everyday life!

I was looking through Facebook last night, and I see this picture of those little ketchup buckets you get from restaurants like McDonald's and the tag line reads, “You’ve been using ketchup cups wrong” and I thought, really?  So, I clicked!

As I watched I thought, how in the world do people figure these things out.  I mean, is the use of ketchup cups really getting out of hand?  I guess so!  And this guy has now saved us.  Take a look at the video.

Maybe I was in a silly mood, but he got me thinking, as he ends his video with a request for me to watch his other ideas (I didn’t, I was too tired), but what else could this guy figure out to make our lives easier?

Instead of watching him, I thought I would ask you all – what little tips do you have to make life easier?

Here’s mine, are you ready?    I roll my corn on the cob over the stick of better instead of trying to use a knife and a little bit of butter!  BAM – takes me 5 seconds and I’m eating corn!  Ok, lame I know.  But it’s all I could think of.

Send me your tricks – you never know, I may do a video demonstration of your idea for the show!