I am a movie fanantic  and love to share the latest whenever I can. The full trailer for the new 'Conan The Barbarian' movie and a new trailer for the Green Lantern have both hit the web.

  The Conan reboot stars Jason Momoa. He's a big Hawaiian that has been on 'Baywatch' and 'Stargate Atlantis'. Not sure if he can replace ARNOLD but I will give him a chance when the new Conan hits theaters August 19th.

The second trailer for 'The Green Lantern' was released this week and it looks awesome. The movie will be out on June 17th. This trailer seems to feature the bad guys a bit more. I admit I am a Ryan Reynolds fan and a comic book nerd so this is a match made in geek heaven.

Let me know what you think of these 2 movies. I'm thinking of making "Levack's Trailer Park" a weekly thing. What do you think?