It's Leap Day! Ok maybe that doesn't excite you too much. Leap Day is the extra day we get every four years in February, which is pretty cool, but there aren't very many ways we celebrate it here in America. There are some retailers and restaurants however that give an "extra" deal on the extra day. I didn't really know this but my wife, Andrea "The Coupon Lady," loves a deal and was nice enough to text me from the beach today to tell me I should look for some to share with you.

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There are quite a few companies doing special sales and deals today, especially online. Obviously if any of these places entice you, I encourage you to investigate further on their respective websites. Places like Wal-Mart, Rue 21, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Folica, Expedia and Betsey Johnson.

Then there are the deals having to do with "29."

At Caribou Coffee, when you buy a coffee you get a second of equal or lesser value for 29 cents.

Pottery Barn has 29 different items on sale for $29 each.

K-Mart has 29% off select items.

Then there are the freebies for those who were lucky enough to be born on a day that only comes once every four years. For those of you who can show that today is your birthday, you get the best deals.

Pizza Hut will give you a free one-topping personal pizza.

Olive Garden will give you four free “Dolcini” desserts, valid for dine-in orders at Olive Garden restaurants from Feb. 29 to March 6.

And if you can manage to get to a Hard Rock Cafe (Maybe you are on vacation too) they will give you a free meal.

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