The GMC Denali holiday commercial titled 'One for me, one for you" is the most obnoxious commercial I may have ever seen.  It's not even December yet and I feel like I've already seen it 20 times.  Has there ever been a better reason to hate rich people?

Nobody has every purchased a car for their significant other for Christmas.  It's never happened, unless maybe some mega-rich 70 year old oil tycoon did it trying to impress his new young new girlfriend post-divorce.  But, even if it did happen, it surely didn't happen like this.

This commercial is so annoying because not only did this helpless helpmate purchase his wife a 2019 Denali (probably with the money his parents worked their whole life for and he's just reaping the benefits while taking over the family business) but he bought himself one too. Assuming that he didn't just buy any 'base-line' model, he easily spent 90k on their Christmas presents, because you know, a Honda certainly wouldn't cut it.  Gotta get her the full sized luxury king cab Denali to drive to yoga class and meet up with the girls for coffee at Starbucks before she gets her nails and hair done.

Truth be told, these ridiculous 'ohhh you shouldn't have' commercials have been around forever during the holidays.  You see them all the time for Lexus, Mercedes, and even more economical type cars like Honda.  But what makes this commercial especially nauseating, is the woman's reaction to seeing not one, BUT TWO of the vehicles parked outside.

At this moment, the true unbridled spirit of Christmas is revealed, as she sprints to the blue vehicle and quickly announces how much 'she loves it'. This was after her confused, weakling of a husband clearly pointed the red one as "hers". Yoga Yvonne not only just looked a gift horse in the mouth but she "changed" the gift.

Not even daddy could save him now.

She then accentuates her self-indulgent, possessive, and materialist ways by jumping in the front seat with one last emphatic "I love it" holding onto the door of the vehicle as if to say "one more word outta you mister and I'll cut off your GMC Jimmy, take your family business, own the house, and the red car too!"

End scene. Such a delightful little advertisement.

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