Common sense tells us winter is over here in the Capital Region. But don't celebrate just yet.

Yes, chances are with a stretch of 80-degree weather coming our way this week the snow is done. The spring flora is blooming and our first real stretch of summer-like weather is here.

That said, this is Upstate New York, and I would not be comfortable with the mindset of full-on spring until at least mid-May. Because that is the date of the highest real, measurable snowfall in Albany history.


Chances are in your lifetime you have seen a dusting of snow or maybe a light coating at some point in May. But what about a real accumulation of a few inches or more when you had to break out the shovel for one last go-round?

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) the May record for snowfall in Albany, New York occurred on May 10, 1945, when 4.5 inches of snow fell in the Capital Region. As you would expect a wet heavy May snow caused thousands of power outages across the region and numerous downed wires and poles.

And let's be honest before we even get to May, April is the real spring snow wildcard with some sizable snowfalls over the years, with almost 18 inches falling one April day in 1982  Check out Albany's top 10 April snowfalls below!

See The 10 Biggest April Snowfalls In Albany History [RANKED]

In Upstate New York, you can never feel fully secure that snow is completely done until late spring. While we usually do not see a ton of snow in April, it is not unheard of. And if history tells us anything, a big April snowstorm is always possible. We have had a few April doozies over the years, and here are the top 10 April snowfalls on record in Albany according to the National Weather Service.

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