The beautiful steamboats in Lake George, which are a staple of the community, have been given the go-ahead to sail again. There are some restrictions and the dates they are set to sail will be staggered. Here are the details.

 Growing up in Saratoga County, a trip to Lake George was always so much fun. Not just because of Storytown, but the beautiful steamboats that were on the lake. In my senior year of high school, we rented out the Minne-Ha-Ha so that we could all sign each other's yearbooks. I have some great memories of that lake. I was so happy to hear that slowly the three steamboats on Lake George would be sailing again soon.

According to CBS 6 News, this weekend the steamboats will begin their sightseeing voyages again. The first steamboat to set sail will be the Mohican II. There will be two days of sightseeing cruises starting this weekend. Mohican II usually has seven cruises. The two cruises will allow the crew to disinfect the boat properly between cruises.

If everything goes as planned and Phase Three begins, the next steamboat to go out will be the Luc Du Saint Sacrement. This steamboat has to wait until Phase Three because it is considered a restaurant. This boat does luncheon cruises and is set to begin on June 17th.

The third steamboat, the Minne-Ha-Ha, will be set to do one-hour sightseeing cruises on June 27th.

The Lake Geroge Steamboat Company says there will be changes in the overall operation of the steamboats. Masks will be required on all three boats. The Luc Du Saint Sacrement will have a mask requirement unless you are seated at a table for lunch.

I am so happy that the steamboats will be running on Lake George again soon. It seems that we are slowly getting back to some sort of normalcy. It will be comforting to see those beautiful boats back on Lake George.

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