Remember when Hoffman's Playland was for sale and everyone was trying to own a piece of the memories? Well, another piece of your childhood is for sale and they're going fast!

According to the auction site USA Giants, Magic Forest Amusement Park in Lake George has sold and now, the new owners are looking to create a new theme. That means, they don't need a lot of the old fiberglass statues from our youth and they're up for auction, available to be in your backyard!

What's cool about these is that Magic Forest never updated the statues much so a lot of these pieces are originals from the 1960s. How many other places can you go where your memories are not only the same as your parents, but still in tact, and available for purchase!

If you're interested in any of the items, don't contact Magic Forest, instead reach out to the people through the auction site. There are a ton of great pieces to choose from, like: a tiger, a huge cave man, Robin Hood, T-Rex, hippos, gorillas, horses (hint hin anyone in Saratoga), Pecos Bill Muffler Man, castle, Paul Bunyan Muffler Man, a lion head drinking fountain I wish I had room for in my house, old lady in the show house, a Large Santa Statue perfect for the season and I didn't even touch on half of it. Take a scroll through, see if there's anything you like and please tell me if you bought anything!

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