I love Kristian Bush!  When he was here as one of our Secret Stars at our Acoustic Jam, he stole the show!  And when he was with Jennifer Nettles as Sugarland, I couldn't get enough of them!

Kristian has sold over 22 million albums worldwide, has five No. 1 singles and numerous awards, but he's always wanted to write a TV theme song!  And now, he has his wish!

TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress" was in the market for a new, romantic theme song, and Kristian was totally up to the task!  The show is about picking out the perfect dress for your perfect wedding to the perfect guy... so they definitely needed the perfect theme song!

He said he hopes the song feels like "joy, like confetti and promises" and I think it totally does!

Tell me that's not the song you want to be played as you and your new hubby walk down the aisle as husband and wife!!

"Forever Now" is now available on iTunes ... or at a wedding near you!

And here's a cool video of us talking to Kristian backstage at Proctor's -


Kristian Bush
David McClister

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