We are definitely in the midst of a heat wave.  3 days of 90 degrees and above?  I think we might have 5 of those!  How do you cool off?  Green Island has the answer. 

According to a story at YNN.com, there's a new spray park in Green Island that is really pulling in the crowds.  Entire families are showing up there to cool off.

This is Innae Park, and it has brand new technology to cool people off that cost $250,000 to build.  That's disgusting, isn't it?  To tax people that much to run a water park?  Let the kids use a hose like we did as a kid, right?

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Not so fast.  It didn't cost the taxpayers a dime for this.  It was paid for by a donation from  winners of the New York State Lottery, John and Linda Kutey.  And again, according to the article, materials and services from Albany Engineering Corp. and Grimm Building Materials helped put this thing together.  How cool is that?  Literally!

Kudos to a community who really cares about each other.  What a great group endeavor this was.   Can someone send me a picture of the park?  Would love it!  Send it to Richie@wgna.com