I am a life long fan of the New York Yankees and I've always tried to respect the Boston Red Sox for what they bring to what I still consider the greatest rivalry in all of sports. That being said some players get as much hate as I can muster for someone I've never met. Kevin Youkilis is one such player and now he's a Yankee!

Youk as the Bean town people call him has always played at a high level. His on field ability is not why I hate him. Even though I think his batting stance looks stupid. He is the personification of Boston to me. With so many members of my friends and family being Red Sox fans, I've heard "YOOOOUUUUKKKKK" far too long. I cringe when it's said and to be honest he looks like a bad guy from and 80's horror movie.

So now with A-Rod needing surgery on his hip that will keep him out for at least the first half the season (A-rod is not a favorite of mine either by the way) the Yankees needed a third baseman and there YOUK was on the free agent market. Next thing you know they're flirting, then they exchange numbers and BOOM! Kevin Youkilis agrees to a one year $12 million deal with my beloved New York Yankees. Just like Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs and Johnny Damon there's a chance his on field play will win me over but right now I feel like a kid that hates my new step dad! What does mom see in this loser? He's not my REAL 3rd baseman! His beard looks stupid! You get the point.

Ok thanks for letting me vent and promise me if you catch me yealling "YOOOOOUUUUKKKK" you abuse me for sacrificing more sports morals.