We all know the toll the pandemic has taken on us hoomans, but what about all the good boys and good girls out there?  If your home is anything like mine, you could make the argument that doggies have cashed in on the pandemic more than anything.  My girlfriend Samantha and I have been around a lot more, and that means more belly rubs, treats, and back scratches for our two dogs.

But on more than a few occasions, I've honestly gotten the sense that our good boys (Biggie and Tiny) look at us like, "Dude....you guys again?"   Dogs might be feeling the stress from the pandemic too, why not give them a special night out at a doggo dreamland?

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June Farms in West Sand Lake  is set to host two "yappy hours" in May and the first one is set for this Thursday, May 13th from 4pm-9pm.  On their website, they explain that "the farm will transforming to a dogs dream land! Our June Farms Dog Park night will have endless treats and surprises (for your pup, and for fur-mom and fur-dad!)."  Another one is planned for May 20th.


It really seems like a good time and if your furry friend has been hounding you for a night out, they're gonna love this.

According to the June Farms website, their Dog Park Night will feature the following: Cocktails and food for fur-moms and dads, tons of treats and surprises for your dog, a fenced in area for large dogs (as well as one for smaller dogs), dog trainers offering tips and tricks, raffles and prizes,

Farm admission on Dog Park Nights will be $5 per person, and $5 for per pup, for more information you may email events@junefarms.com.



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