My future brother-in-law, Joey, is a hardcore Buffalo Bills fan. He goes by the nickname Joey Boombatz and he comes on with us to discuss how the Bills will do each week. They have started off the season strong and this week they head to the Meadowlands to take on my New York Jets. What will Joey say about this week's game? Joey Boombatz lives in Western New York and has been a Buffalo Bills fan since birth. He says he bleeds red white and blue. He is my future brother-in-law and we have always had a rivalry between my beloved Jets and his Buffalo Bills. This season has been pretty sad for my Jets and the Bills have had a great season.

Joey represents #BillsMafia and he would and has jumped through a flaming table for his team. This week Joey Boombatz has predicted that the Buffalo Bills will annihilate my New York Jets and sadly I think he may be right. Take a listen to how Joey explains how his Bills will beat my Jets in this week's Boombatz Best Bets.

The Buffalo Bills are riding a two-game losing streak and it is highly likely they will beat up on my Jets. Each week Joey Boombatz comes on the air with Brian and Chrissy to predict how his beloved Buffalo Bills will do. We have some fun with him talking about diving into flaming tables, eating a ton of wings, and playing the Buffalo Bills fight song.

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