It feels like we've done this dance before but now rumors are beginning to surface of Jay Leno being replaced as host of "The Tonight Show" when his contract runs out in 2014. This time the host to be is "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon.


Reports from "The New York Daily News" are that NBC suits are secretly exploring the far younger host taking over for Leno in 2014. Fallon is about 25 years younger. Details that can't be ignored, Conan O'Brien was promised the show in 2009 which only lasted until Leno wanted it back. David Letterman's contract also runs out in 2014 so could he be in the running for "The Tonight Show" or is the rumor that Leno refuses to retire until Dave does true?

I for one think Jimmy Fallon is the freshest and most original host on TV right now and think he's the absolute best choice for the job.