With so many cutbacks happening to our schools throughout the country, some say it is important to focus on the fundamentals like math, English, and sciences, and some also want to protect the arts.

That's just the point that the host of NBC's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon is trying to make.

According to the Times Union, Jimmy Fallon recently donated 100k to Saugerties High School's art program. If you did not know, Saugerties is where Fallon went to high school and graduated in the 90's.

This strengthens his ties to upstate New York and the Capital Region. Fallon also attended college at Saint Rose.

There's no such thing as bad charity, but It's great that a celebrity with such stature gives back to his own community. The Times Union also reports that some of the money will go to Ulster County's television studio. It sounds to me like Jimmy Fallon wants others from his home town to follow in his path and not be held back.

Dream big guys!


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