The reality show star will be wearing his DJ hat for a Saratoga Springs gig.

So we should say 'DJ Pauly D' will appear in Saratoga Springs this Saturday night at Gaffney's, according to the Times Union. The gig is listed with an 11pm start time on Pauly's website.

I was never a big fan of 'Jersey Shore,' more of a casual observer with a local interest as I grew up in New Jersey. And honestly as crazy as some moments on that show are, the party element portrayed is a big part of nightlife in certain parts of the shore. I lived it, though never to the extreme of the 'Jersey Shore' cast.

So this Saturday I am sure you can expect a great party with Pauly D, maybe just without all the insanity of full fledged 't-shirt time' from his 'Jersey Shore' reality past.

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