People Magazine has come out with their special, double issue for 2011, featuring "People's" Most Beautiful List, but who was there top vote?  Jennifer Lopez, of course!  Though J-Lo has made the cut many times prior to 2011, her most recent success and fame in Hollywood has pushed her into the media's eyes.

Jennifer Lopez

I have to say after seeing so much of J-Lo on "American Idol," I, many times, stare at the television thinking to myself, "she is a very attractive woman!"  Not only does J-Lo have beautiful skin and hair, but she also has some pretty fab outfits.  And despite the appeal of being overly skinny when you're a celebrity, she has never steered herself in that direction.  Instead, Lopez prides herself on remaining curvy, yet in shape while still being sexy.  And did I mention she has been very successful over the years with her singing and acting careers?  My applause to "People" Magazine for putting her at the top of the list and crowning J-Lo as the most beautiful woman of this year.  

This is Jennifer Lopez's 10th time on the magazine's list of the Most Beautiful.  Though being earning the top prize this year, Halle Berry actually takes home the award for the most times featured.  Berry leads with 15 appearances followed by Julia Roberts with twelve (2010 winner).  Halle did make the list again this year along with Jennifer Garner and Beyonce Knowles. 

Ryan Reynolds

We can't forget about the guys of course.  Ryan Reynolds has already been crowned "People's" Sexiest Man.  George Clooney (former winner two times over) has been a frequent flyer on that list, numerous times, just like Berry and Roberts.  Clooney has won over female editors and earned himself a spot a total of 10 times (tying Lopez) and who can forget Brad Pitt.  He's held the title two times as well and made it a total of nine times. 

I think I should help out with this list next year or at least when they name the sexiest man alive, again.  Though I don't disagree with any of their choices (I actually agree with almost all of them), I'm pulling for someone like Blake Shelton, Matthew MacConaugheyBradley Cooper to win the 2011 crown.  Johnny Depp won in 2009, Hugh Jackman in 2008, Matt Damon in 2007,  and Clooney in '06. 

Who do you think is the most beautiful woman or sexiest man alive, but hasn't been mentioned?  I'd like to hear your opinion because I know I'm forgetting a few.

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