Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were married for 10 years before their Hollywood marriage dissolved within the last year.  Infidelity claims and alcohol abuse by Ben doomed their marriage, but these these things keep the separated couple from being at odds during the most emotional of times.

The three "things" are  Violet, Seraphina and Samuel; their children. Parenting is difficult and co-parenting can be even more challenging.  While their divorce is yet to be finalized, it appears to be relatively amicable.  Affleck is seeking help for his alcohol abuse, and Garner undoubtedly views this is as step in the right direction. Trust is earned, not granted.  As a result , they share joint legal custody and even attended Easter mass yesterday as a family. Let’s face it, we’re all emotional creatures and a bad breakup or divorce can cause anger, frustration, and spiteful behavior all of which can lead to poor judgement. When that happens, the innocent children are often left with the most scars. There are no winners, except for perhaps lawyers.

Ben and Jen should be applauded for how well they appear to be handling their personal business.  The “Big Picture” here has nothing to do with Hollywood, it has everything to do with their children.

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