James Wesley is a well seasoned country singer that broke out on the national stage last Fall with his huge hit "Real" on Broken Bow Records. He is label mates with Jason Aldean on that label. WGNA was one of the first 3 stations in America to play his debut hit. We can hear a winner a mile away.

James is a great guy, and I spent some time with him away from the crowd the last time I was in Nashville. James was so new to Nashville that he didn't know where the real honky tonks were. I took him on a tour he will never forget. We went to the oldest part of downtown called "Printers Alley" and I introduced James to some of the locals at a legendary karaoke bar named "Lonnies". James got up and sang a couple of classics and the place got so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

The locals asked James Wesley if he was a star. James said "no" very humbly.

I told them, "He's going to be!".

I then got on the stage at Lonnie's and sang Freddy Fender's "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights".   I linked to the video of good ole' Freddy himself on You Tube if you want to see his classic performed properly. After hearing me sing, they knew James was a star!

James Wesley is down to earth, and you would truly proud to have him at your family's table for Thanksgiving Dinner. His song "Real" describes what real life is about and what the real struggles of hardworking people in our country are. Reality TV is not real, but struggling to pay your mortgage is. Trying to feed your family, or provide care to an elderly relative, those are real things too.

James Wesley will be the final WGNA Rising Star of 2011 on Thursday, April 21st. Let's sell it out and show him we appreciate "real" country music here in the Capital Region. Tickets are $17 and on sale now.