Christmas has movies, Easter has movies, St. Partick's Day even has movies. Thanksgiving is lacking in the movie department though. I want to change this.As I co-hosted the Sean and Richie morning show with Richie Phillips on Thanksgiving Eve an incredible Thanksgiving movie plot hit me, and Richie and I performed a hilarious trailer for it live on the air. If this idea ever did hit the big screen I know you would go see. Johnny Depp is a big time hot star and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise made him a household name. So if you took that them and combined it with Thanksgiving you would have a smash hit move which I titled "Pilgrims Of The Caribbean". I hope I make a million dollars when Hollywood hears this, if nothing else they will get a good laugh out of it. We sure did this morning on 1077 'GNA. Listen to this here, and share it with your friends.