Ramiz Hajratalli of Saratoga Springs is the alleged creeper accused of breaking into people's houses and watching them while they sleep.  While he remains behind bars, his attorney claims this is a case of mistaken identity according to CBS 6 News.  Were the victims too tired to correctly identify the man? Hajratalli is scheduled to appear back in court on Thursday.  His attorney claims that this is a case of mistaken identity and that someone other than his client is making googly eyes with the sleeping Saratoga County residents.

Back in August police said he broke into a Caroline Street home at about 1:30 a.m. and watched its female resident sleep. Hajratalli ran out of the home after the female woke up and yelled at him, police said. This wide eyed weirdo has been caught a few times, and both times he's been released after he posted cash bail according to an article by the Daily Gazette.

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