The Hudson Valley is a place where visitors and celebrities explore and locals reside in. Our area continues to grow and expand. Along with growth in the Hudson Valley, more job opportunities and events also pop up.

Our area has been visited by celebrities, mentioned on TV shows and YouTube channels and is known to be the hotspot for casting calls and film production locations.

What TV Shows Have Been Filmed In The Hudson Valley?


WRRV shared information about TV shows that have been filmed in the Hudson Valley area.

A Hulu Original Series called Life and Beth was filmed in Dutchess and Putnam counties. An HBO Limited Series called The White House Plumbers was filmed in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh and Kingston, NY.

The first season of The Sex Lives of College Girls was also filmed at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. It premiered on HBO Max.

I continue to see film crews throughout the Hudson Valley that utilize the beautiful scenery, four seasons and talented local extras/actors and actresses. Hudson Valley casting calls continue to take place in our area.

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What's Your Favorite Go-To or Comfort TV Show To Watch?

I've always loved watching The King of Queens, it's one of my favorite shows. There are times that I laugh out loud when watching this TV show featuring Leah Remini and Kevin James and of course Jerry Stiller.

Leah Remini plays Carrie, while Kevin James plays Doug Heffernan and Jerry Stiller plays Arthur, Carrie's father. Doug and Carrie are married and live in Queens, NY and Carrie's father lives with them.

An interesting connection can be made with The King of Queens and The Honeymooners. Some relate this TV couple to another popular duo, from The Honeymooners, Ralph and Alice Kramden played by Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows.

Each King of Queens episode is humorous, relatable yet unpredictable. 

Carrie who is sassy while Doug is more laid back but he expresses his humor throughout the show as Arthur brings his own unique personality to show as well. Doug's occupation is a delivery driver while Carrie's role is a legal secretary.

There have been several episodes of the King of Queens where Doug and Carrie talk about going to upstate New York.

Did The King Of Queens Roast Poughkeepsie, NY Too Hard?

Canva, YouTube, Throwback TV
Canva, YouTube, Throwback TV

During the episode of China Syndrome including Part 1 and Part 2, Doug mentions a Hudson Valley town and city. This is in Season 9 and episodes 12 and 13. Doug and Carrie have mentioned before that they escape New York City to head upstate.

While I was watching the China Syndrome episode, I got excited when I heard Doug mention a Dutchess County, NY area.

During this episode, Doug goes outside of a wedding venue that they are attending after the two of them were fighting throughout the night.

Carrie finds Doug outside and questions him of where he has been. 

Doug's response is "Just enjoying the smells of Poughkeepsie" as he continues to drink his alcoholic beverage. Doug, also known as Kevin James didn't hold back his response to Carrie as he roasts Poughkeepsie, NY in The King of Queens episode.

Why Did The King Of Queens Mention Bear Mountain, NY?

During the episode of Home Cheapo, Doug mentions a popular location in Orange and Rockland County, NY. This is in Season 9 and episode 7.

While I was watching the Home Cheapo episode, I got excited once again when Doug mentioned another area within the Hudson Valley.

During this episode, Doug is talking to Carrie while instead of their friends, Deacon and Kelly's lakehouse. In the moment, Doug and Carrie believe that their friends lake house is only possible due to them.

They make suggestions that Deacon and Kelly have been able to get this vacation home because Doug and Carrie always pay the bill, buy things for them and save them money by watching their kids instead of hiring a babysitter.

In the caption from the Facebook post from The King of Queens, they captioned Carrie's response while visiting their friends lakehouse.

“This should be mine, my fireplace, my living room, my ugly a** pillow with ducks wearing raincoats.”

In this heated conversation, they discuss how they were going to go out on the water with Deacon and Kelly that day.

Doug states, "I wanna see them pull this up Bear Mountain" as he points to his stomach.

It must be amusing for Doug, Kevin James and Carrie, Leah Remini to mention different locations throughout New York state since they are both lower New York state natives.

It's possible that there are additional King of Queens episodes that mention different areas within the Hudson Valley. Do you know of any? Share more with us below.

5 Ways To Know It's Spring In The Hudson Valley

I always know that spring has started when I first hear the sound of spring peepers. This may also consist of flowers start to blossom, the greenery throughout mother nature and return of several wildlife critters.

Others may also agree and share their opinions too.

As we are different people, we notice things differently as well. While someone takes an interest in a woodpecker in the tree on a soothing morning, someone else may notice a lawnmower humming noise during their breakfast.

On WRRV, a Facebook post asked local residents to share their opinion.

The question stated:

"Tell me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley without telling me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley, GO!"

Hudson Valley residents were not shy when it came to answering this question. Let's take a look at ways we can notice that it's spring in the Hudson Valley from all age groups and different locations.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, WRRV's Facebook Page,

Restaurants and Stores The Hudson Valley Misses The Most

If you could bring back any store, restaurant or favorite business from the past, which would you choose?

The Hudson Valley was filled with places to visit for our favorite meals, special occasions or simply just for grocery shopping. Some of us may have spent our birthdays at these locations or shared sweet memories that we will remember forever.

Here Are The Restaurants and Stores The Hudson Valley Misses The Most

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