We were all sad to see the famous Spectrum close its doors, but they've reopened by Landmark. 

Can I just say on behalf of the people of the Capital Region, thank you Landmark for hearing us when we said we didn't want to lose this historic movie theater. In a day and age when going to the movies seems so corporate, the small town feel of The Spectrum was such an amazing thing.

When the news broke that Landmark was going to buy it and reopen it (and reopen it quickly) everyone got excited.

Today is the day! The big question I have is what movies are actually playing on this big opening day?

The lineup is true to the traditional Spectrum form. No big blockbusters, and smaller indie level movies for us all to enjoy.

Wednesday April 24, 2024

  • Boy Kills World
  • Challengers
  • Abigail
  • Spy X Family Code: White
  • Stress Positions
  • The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
  • Civil War
  • Sasquatch Sunset
  • House Keeping For Beginners
  • Monkey Man
  • The Beast
  • The People's Joker
  • Godzilla x Kong

I just recently went to see Civil War and I have to highly recommend it. It was the most on edge I've been at the movies since Captain Phillips. It's a wild ride and I don't think there's a better theater to see it at than The Spectrum.

They have some other additional movies playing for their big opening and you can take a look at their full lineup here.

I hope we all get to enjoy this part of Albany history for a but longer and we all get a night out at the movies soon.

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