It was May of 2019, long before the country would be shut down due to the pandemic. America was overtaken by a new country song that came with a dance, called "The Git Up," by Blanco Brown.

Blanco Brown Admits the Pros and Cons of His Viral Hit, "The Git Up"

On a recent episode of Taste of Country Nights On Demand, Brown stopped by to talk about his new EP, Heartache & Lemonade, and was asked what were the pros and cons of coming out of the gate with a huge viral song as his first release.

"The Git Up" creator said, "Man, I mean the pros is being heard, that's the pros. The purpose, that song got a lot of people through a lot of stuff. It wasn't even a serious song, it was just a real song."

There was a video for "The Git Up" that had Lainey Wilson in it, and they were indeed getting down.

"The Git Up" - Blanco Brown and Lainey Wilson Music Video

This was right around the time that Wilson was just breaking into the mainstream scene of country music. I asked Brown how that collaboration came to fruition.

"This was way before she was known, though. They asked me to do the dance with her, and I was just like, 'She's such a good spirit, good energy.' I drove to Nashville, in the prime of my record, shot that right outside of Broken Bow old building."

Brown continued, "The lyrics wasn't like compelling, it's just, it has so much joy on it, and it did what it was supposed to been done. God's work, divine appointment."

The conversation then switched focus to the cons of the song getting so big, so fast.

Brown said, "The cons, being typecast. Have you saw actor or actress that put in the same type of movie, every time? The same sitcom, and they don't live outside of that. I'm trying to live outside of that."

How did Brown get out of that box? By being featured on a totally different type of No. 1 country song in 2021, with Parmalee, "Just the Way."

Brown said, "But then I had the grace of Parmalee, 'Just the Way,' people can hear me in a different voice. But, at the same time, I don't think those same fans tie both of me together. 'Cause it was two different tones."

The singer joked, "Two different people; same person, though. You know what I'm saying?"

Brown seemed to be in a great headspace following his 2020 motorcycle crash. His brand-new EP Heartache & Lemonade is out now.

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