Back in November, work began on an Albany landmark. The sign for the Westgate Plaza was taken down to do a compete restoration, including new and more efficient lighting. The sign was originally constructed in the late 1950s. It had some work done on it to “freshen it up” about 30 years ago, which included taking a clock off of it. There was also a platform on it which was part of the way up. I believe that is when that was also removed.

The sign can usually be seen for quite a distance as you travel on Central Avenue, from Colonie or from midtown Albany. In the story from WNYT, the restoration work is complete and the sign is back in place.

Westgate Sign Before Restoration
Westgate Sign Before Restoration (Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)


Westgate Sign Missing Is Something
Westgate Sign Missing (Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)


Westgate Sign Restored
Westgate Sign Restored (Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)

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