There is a gambling site called William Hill that is taking bets and laying odds on the cast of the new "Star Wars" movie. Here are the favorites.

First thing you should know is there is NO information about Episode 7 yet except for the fact they want to release it in 2015. This site is a little crazy because they have odds for who will play Darth Vader which can't happen because he died in Episode 6. But this is a fun conversation so here we go.

Zac Efron is the favorite to be Luke Skywalker

Ryan Reynolds has the short odds to be Han Solo.

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Emma Stone is the favorite to be Disney's newest princess Leia.

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For the record Mark Hamill did a interview back in 1983 and said that Luke, Leia and Han were done in the story but he also had no idea George Lucas would make anymore Star Wars movies.