You've heard of free-range chicken and eggs, but recently the term free 'range- parenting' has been in the news cycle.  Free-range parenting is the concept that giving kids the freedom to do things alone — like explore a playground, visit a friend or ride a bike to school — makes them healthier, happier, more independent, and resilient.  Even though many of us were raised by free-range parents, good luck trying to find a parent in today's society that would allow their children the same freedoms our parents gave us. Are there times that you wished you could parent like your parents? Do you feel that today's children are being 'helicoptered' too much, or is today's society just too unsafe to allow your kids to fly the coop and be home before dinner?

Growing up in Albany, my friends and I rode our bikes or pretty much walked everywhere.  I think I was about 7 or 8 when I felt like my mom and dad trusted me to be home before dark.  Man how times have changed, but why?  Were those days much safer?  The perception today is that the world is littered with creeps and weirdos, and no parent in their right mid  would ever allow their child the 'be home by dark' freedom without the fear of CPS knocking on their door.  But free-range parenting

I appreciate and respect the way my parents raised my sister and me, but I just don't think I trust today's society enough to allow my son to roam at his peril.  When he's old enough to, I can't imagine I could ever tell him to be home by dinner and just leave it at that.

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