For all you iPhone owners wondering about this, there is a way that you can shut down more than one app at a time, in case something isn't working right or you just want to run a "tight ship" phonewise.  I'm here to help

Have you ever had an app get stuck?  It hangs up on you and you can't do anything?  Maybe it's because you have them open when you don't need to.  The jury is actually out as to whether you really save memory or speed up your phone that much, but I personally believe that it helps.  Why have things open when you don't need to.

Sometimes over the course of a couple of weeks, I personally will have 10 or more apps open.


You can actually close more than one at the same time, just so you know.  All you do is double click on the home button.  That will bring up your open apps.  You can probably close, at most, 3 at once.  Here's my phone and how I did it .

I hope that helps.  If you have a tip that you found, by all means send it to me at