Two former Capital Region residents will be participating in the International Pro Rodeo Association’s championships.  21-year old Alicia Stockton of Ballston Spa and 25-year old Jamie Ellsworth of Hudson Falls are third-generation rodeo riders.  Both women moved south in order to be closer to their sport.  Both women will compete in the breakaway roping portion of the rodeo, the first year the event will be included in the pro rodeo finals.


Alicia Stockton

If you're like me, and don't know what breakaway roping event is, it entails the cowgirl riding a horse, lassoing an animal as it races out of a chute and hogtie the animal.  When the calf is caught, a string that's attached to the rider's saddle horn breaks and throws up a flag that stops the clock.  It's slightly different from what the men's roping event demands.  The rider in their event jumps off his horse and hogties the calf. 

Stockton and Ellsworth are currently rookies, according to the association.  However, Stockton was ranked fourth in the world, last year, by the International Pro Rodeo Association.


The championships will be held January 13th to 15th in Oklahoma City.  More information on the women and the sport can be found at the International Pro Rodeo's website.

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