Around 2pm this afternoon intense rain saturated roads throughout Albany and it while it may not have lasted for very long, many drivers were stranded and stuck in waters that rose up above their tires.  Some people tried to power their way through it, while others simply didn't know what to do.

According to News Channel 13's Facebook page, many people sent in videos and pictures jst how intense and disruptive this short, but very powerful storm was. One of the videos shows a car getting doused with water as a truck zooms by on Route 85 in Albany.  Another video shows a red car flooded up to it's windows, stranded near Ormond Street in Albany,  while a man who appears to be holding a broom and some sort of mettalic pan attempts to help the car to safety.

Another photo taken on Central Ave (near Colvin)
shows multiple cars in water with their tires completely submerged.

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