St. Patrick's Day is always a time to have fun and celebrate the green. Now with some restrictions being lifted, it's also a time to go out and enjoy a few green libations with friends. Make sure you are responsible when you go green today and right through the weekend. Police will be out in full force making sure the roadways are safe from drunk drivers.

According to CBS 6 Albany, the statewide STOP-DWI Crackdown is underway and will run right through Sunday, March 21st. The New York State Police, County Sheriffs, and all municipal law enforcement throughout New York state will be patrolling in an effort to make sure there aren't drunk and driving impaired motorists out on the roads.

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It's easier than ever to make a plan so you won't drive impaired. You can designate a driver, or use one of many of the rideshare programs. You can also download the free mobile app called "Have a Plan". The app helps you find and call a taxi service, pre-program a designated driver list, and get information on Blood Alcohol Content levels and DWI laws. You can get more information and download the app HERE.

In a partnership with the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee and STOP-DWI NY, the St. Patrick's Day Weekend Crackdown is just one of many that are held throughout the year across the state. They hold other Crackdowns on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day weekend, Halloween, and the Holiday Season.

Be smart and safe while you celebrate the Irish and go green this St. Patrick's Day.

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