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If You go Green Beware of Red and Blue
St. Patrick's Day is always a time to have fun and celebrate the green. Now with some restrictions being lifted, it's also a time to go out and enjoy a few green libations with friends. Make sure you are responsible when you go green today and right through the weekend. Police will be out in full force making sure the roadways are safe from drunk drivers.
Discounted And Free Rides For New Year's Eve
When you are planning to go out and celebrate New Year's eve, make sure you also plan on a safe ride home. For the thirty third year the Albany County's Safe Ride Stop DWI will be in effect. This will include free rides and ride shares at a discount.
Stop-DWI Blanket Patrol Starts Tonight [VIDEO]
If you plan on going out these next few night be extra careful if you plan to have a few drinks with friends.  Police will be out in force patrolling for drunk drivers with the Albany County's Sherriff's office 89th Stop-DWI blanket patrol.