St. Patrick's Day: the holiday that we all love to forget!

Okay, jokes aside, St. Patrick's Day has an incredible amount of history attached to it, and in the present day, is one of America's greatest excuses to drink before noon. Combine the holiday with the official start of March Madness, and March 17th is definitely a date that has been ear-marked for sports fans for quite some time.

The one question we have, though, is this: when you think of St. Patrick's Day, which "Patrick" comes to mind first?

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There have been a number of memorable Patrick's in New York sports, and a number of impressive Patrick performances over the years. Some of these gentlemen were superstars, while some were more of the blue-collar, ground-and-pound team player.

Some were born here, some were raised here, and some made the Empire State their home during their career.

With that being said, we dug back through history, and compiled a list of ten famous "Patrick's" that deserve an extra bit of adulation on this St. Patrick's Day.

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