Summer means we all travel a little more and surely by now you know some roads in the Capital Region are a necessary annoyance that you simply cannot avoid.  Until we have cars that can fly or hyper-loop, we must succumb to the evil ways of certain area roads.  Here's a list of a few noteworthy, well traveled roads and what they would say If They Could Talk. 

  • Any Street In Schenectady: Watch out for that huge potho….. (wuuuuumpppth)            sorry bout that dude.
  • 1-87 : Quit yer whinin’  you can alwayyyys take Route 9!  That’s what I thought….
  • Central Ave Albany: Your lipstick and makeup look fine! Concentrate on me!
  • Hoosick Street Troy: In a hurry? Here’s every red light.  Every. Freaking. One!
  • Latham Circle: I’m the first round-a-bout confusing the heck outta you, don’t you ever forget that! Oh, and you’re still doing it wrong.
  • The Colonie Center Parking Lot: Nope-dead end.  Nope-dead end.  Nope-dead end



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