The iconic and ironic Second City Comedy Troupe is making a whistle stop in the Albany area on October 11th, and their going to lampoon this election season like never before.  Making fun of Presidents - what a concept

I've had so much fun attempting to pick on Presidents.  I have an entire hard drive full of stuff.  My favorite world leader to lampoon was Clinton, especially during the Monica Lewinsky episode.  (It's a little embarrassing - look it up)

This was the bit I did.  It's a parody of Colin Raye's "That's My Story" (and I'm sticking to it)

mp3 version

Well, that's a blast from the past, but these guys cover THIS Presidential election cycle, and it should be hysterical.

Photo from Second City

If you'd like ticket information, you can go to //

See you there!  (Warning to Barack and Mitt - if you're coming, don't sit in the front row - you're a prime target! )