My Nana had her birthday a couple of weeks ago and I promised her "Nana's Day Out!" Well, that happened on Saturday and I took her all over the Capital Region for a special day. My goal was to make her feel a little like a kid again so as we were driving to our 3rd location and she said just that, it was definitely a heartwarming moment to go along with the day.

It started with her restaurant of choice: The Country Drive-In in Clifton Park. We headed there for their famous fish fry and outdoor seating on the blazing spring day. From there I headed down Route 9, with Nana trying to guess what would be next. The last time I did a "Nana's Day Out" I took her for her very first pedicure, so it only seemed fitting to take her for her second. She loved the massage chair and the pampering and since she has a hard time taking care of those toesies on her own, it was perfect.

Next on the list, as she again was throwing out guesses and got close by mentioning the batting cages (but, lets be serious, she's 84-years old - funny to watch, maybe, but she wouldn't enjoy that to it's fullest) we headed to Clifton Park Golf! The last time we played mini-golf, Nana maaaaayyyy have smacked the ball across the entire course, so I was prepared for the impending doom. Don't worry, no one was hurt in the playing of our game.

A Dunkin coolata cooled us down on the way to Saratoga where I figured, okay, enough outdoors in the 92* Memorial Day Weekend heat and lets head to one of Nana's favorite places, the Saratoga Casino! Nana could press the buttons on slot machines for hours. Here's where the problem came in though. I LOST NANA. For real. It didn't make the video because well, I FREAKING LOST NANA! Let me explain; She told me she likes the American Original slot machines, so I found her one to sit at and she put her $20 in and started pressing away...then nature called. Ugh.

"You stay here," she said, "I'll keep my purse with you. I'll be right back."

Well, this immediately didn't sit right with me because I know my grandmother, but I allowed the independence she deserved. Five minutes goes by...then ten...twenty. Where the hell is Nana?! I started to panic a bit, going over my next move. Do I have ol' Joanie paged? Uh, no she can't hear me right next to her 9/10 she won't hear her name over the speaker. Do I cash her out and head to the bathroom? What if she finds her way back and now I'm not there? Then she'll panic, too right? Another 5-10 minutes went by and I finally decided, "okay, I'm cashing her out and taking her purse but sticking close." I hoped she was just wandering and couldn't find her way back instead of the worst thoughts of sick, scared and alone.

Within a couple of minutes, I saw that tiny woman looking all around, lost and unsure of where to go. Thankfully, she was perfectly fine, just turned around and had no idea where to find me. We went back and gambled our $20's away and called it a day.

I am so grateful that I have my Nana in my life, that she is healthy, happy and able to do so many different things with me to create memories of days like Saturday - even if she knocked a couple years off my life while I played "Where's Nana?" in the racino.

Take a 2 minutes of your life and relive the day with me, a day I'll never forget.

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