Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr user, katielips
flickr user, katielips

I'm sure you have probably had this dilemma before but it is a problem for me. I have a group of friends at work and we all do a "Secret Santa". There is a $50 cap on what we can spend. Here is the problem, the guy I got is a huge Giants fan and I have an opportunity, from a family member, to get him tickets to a game at a great price.I know this would make him very happy.

Here is the problem, while it would be a great deal it would still be considerably more than the $50 dollar cap. How mad would he or the other people in the group be if I ignore the cap? There is another glitch as well, I am a female and we are both single, one of my friends said he may look at this as more than what it is.I love him dearly as a friend but no, I don't have any romantic feelings for him.

It truly is that I can get him a dream present for far less than what it's worth. What should I do?

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