Don't leave your kids in a car, Don't leave your dogs in the car. Most certainly do not leave your life sized realistic mannequin in the car either.

Friday morning police in Hudson received a distressed call about a old woman being locked in a snow covered car. With the temperatures last night I certainly could see the worry about this matter. Of course with much hast the police and rescue squad made it to the scene.

They found a woman inside with an oxygen mask and not moving. The sergeant had decided to bust in the back window to get into the car and attempt to help the person. Only issue was once he got in the car he discovered well this woman didn't freeze to death. She isn't alive. She also never was.

The elderly woman inside was a very, very detailed life size mannequin. Someone should tell the owner of the car that the mannequin challenge is so November.

The doll is actually made as a medical training aid. In reality no crime was actually committed but a massive scare was. No charges were filed. The owner of the car was very upset about the matter. The sergeant had this to say according to the Times Union

"Just to clear the record, all citizens of Hudson should be put on notice that if you park your locked vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life size realistic mannequin seated in it ... we will break your window." - TIMES UNION

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