Did you know that our friends over at Seize the Deal are giving away $1,000? True story. All you have to do to enter is like them on Facebook. We can’t win the money but if we could we’d totally use it on some of our favorite things around the Albany area. They are giving away the money just in time for some seasonal things to be open so we figured we’d highlight some of our favorites in that category. Here’s what we’d spend our $1,000 on!

  • 67 Ice Cream Pies

    $14.95 each

    We'd stop at the Snowman in Troy, NY and pickup 67 of their awesome ice cream pies.

    Foursquare user Anne Marie W
  • 190 Jackburgers

    $5.25 each

    There's nothing like a Jackburger at Jumpin' Jacks. We'll take 190 of those.

    Foursquare user Corey C.
  • 123 Big Daddy Banana Split

    $8.15 each

    Kurver Kreme has the father of all banana splits (pun intended) and we will be able to enjoy 123 of those for $1,000

    Foursquare user Loretta M.
  • 125 Drive-In Movies

    $8.00 per person

    If we each take one car the math works out on this one - and that'll get us 125 movie showings at the Malta Drive-In Theatre.

    Malta Drive-In
  • 200 Pints of Brown's IPA

    $5 each

    The deck overlooking the Hudson at Brown's Brewing Company is a great place for a pint of their award winning IPA. Actually make that 200 pints.

    Foursquare User Brian B.